What Is A Ray In Geometry

Ray is a part of a line.

This tutorial will teach you ray and how it is produced from a line.

A ray is known as half-line.

It is easy to learn. You will enjoy.


A ray is a part of a line that starts at an endpoint and extends infinitely far in one direction.

Let's explain what is a ray in geometry.

Given a line and; A and B are two distinct points on the line.

Let P be a another point between A and B on the line AB.

Split the line into two parts at the point P.

As a result, it produces two parts namely PA and PB.

Each part is called a ray.

Each ray starts from P and it is the end point. Thus P is called the initial point. Both ray consists the point P.

PA is the opposite ray with respect to ray PB.

Thus the ray definition geometry stands as follows.

A ray is the trace of a moving point in straight infinitely far from a fixed point.

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