Paragraph on Tree plantation & Afforestation Advantages

Write a continuous paragraph by answering the following questions:

(a) What is tree plantation and why do we need trees?

(b) Why do people cut down trees?

(c) What’s the aftermath of cutting down trees extensively?

(d) What can we do to increase the number of trees?

Afforestation - Tree Plantation

Tree plantation means to plant trees on a large scale. Trees are the best friends of human beings as well as of other animals. The irrational and massive cutting down of trees for wood, furniture and fuel causes deforestation, desertification, global warming, rise of sea level and submersion etc. To stop all these irrevocable catastrophes, we need to plant more new trees. Trees recycle carbon dioxide and water to keep pace with environmental elements in the atmosphere. It lets us live and embellish our lives by providing us with oxygen, food, medicine, wood etc. Bangladesh government observes national tree plantation week every year to encourage people to plant more trees. However, the government alone cannot make it a success unless we all come forward in a body. We can plant trees by roads, on mountain slopes, beside our home and in any place in disuse. In order to make it successful, we need to raise mass awareness among the people of every stratum of the society about the importance of tress. Awareness raising campaign and distribution of plants and saplings free can make it a success. We all should come forward to plant more trees to live healthily and to save the mother earth, our only abode.

Word-note: desertification- making desert(মরুকরণ); embellish – decorate (সজ্জিত করা); melt -liquefy/dissolve (গলা/গলে যাওয়া); submerge- inundate(প্লাবিত করা); preserve- conserve/defend(রক্ষা করা); submersion - inundation (প্লাবন); irrevocable- irreversible(অপূরণীয়); catastrophe- disaster(দূর্যোগ); in a body – collectively (একত্রে/সবাই একসাথে); stratum- level(স্তর); sapling – plantlet/seedling (বৃক্ষের চারা);abode - house (আবাস্থল)।