Paragraph on Shat Gombuj Mosque

Write a continuous paragraph by answering the following questions:

(a) Is there any place of historical importance in your area?

(b) Why is Shat Gombuj Mosque so famous?

(c) Name some of its features.

(d) What do you think is necessary to preserve the place?

Shat Gombuj Mosque

The Shat Gombuj Mosque in Bagerhat is one of the three Heritage Sites in Bangladesh and a place of great historical importance. It is situated in the suburbs of Bagerhat, some 175 kilometres southwest of Dhaka. It is a 15th century Islamic edifice founded by khan Iahan Ali, a great preacher of Islam who came here from Turkey. Shat Gambuj Mosque is an instance of exquisite Moghul Architectural feat. The unique mosque has seventy-seven domes, though it is called Shatgombuj Mosque (Sixty Domed Mosque). Shat Gombuj Mosque has sixty pillars supporting the impeccably beautiful and curved domes that have worn away with the passage of time. The pond dug by Khan Jahan Ali also attracts a good number of people as well. I think anybody having the least interest in historical sites would enjoy visiting the site. It enthralls your mind, soothes our eyes and takes us to the glorious past. So we should preserve the place from being decayed. We need both national and international attention as well as public awareness to save it.

Word-note: exquisite - very beautiful (অপরূপ সুন্দর); instance - example; unique - matchless/sole(অনন্য/অদ্বিতীয়); impeccable-faultless/flawless (নিখুঁত); curved=bent/arched (বাঁকানো); enthrall - charm/enchant (মুগ্ধ করা); soothe - pacify/appease; glorious - magnificent/splendid; preserve - protect