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Types of tutorials.

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EduDesh Inside?

EduDesh is a website for teaching and learning things the easy way in education. It was founded in first-half of 2015.

It is absolutely a service-oriented non-profitable organization in education.

Several disciplines like Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Arithmetic are discussed from basic to advanced level sequentially.

Multimedia presentations on different topics are available here.

MS Word for document management and Powerpoint Presentation for multimedia presentations are two very common and essential items related to education. So these two keys things are also worth of including in this website.

Type of Tutorials

There are two types of tutorials are available in EduDesh.

The first one is written or text tutorials.

A learner can easily learn the topic of a discipline step by step using the text tutorials.

The second one is video tutorials.

So one can make a thing simple and increase his or her knowledge by following the video tutorials.

Process of Learning

All tutorials used in this site are well-decorated and well-organized by maintaining the logical sequence. Hence the learning would be more effective if one would follow the previous tutorial before going to learning the next tutorial. Again you must follow examples because every topic is discussed and explained pros and cons with the help of some examples.

We Respect Your Recommendations

We are always trying our best to make EduDesh more useful and attractive so that people feel free to browse and consider EduDesh is an effective online learning point. So if you find any error, please feel free to contact to let us know. And your recommendations are most welcome.

EduDesh is Free

EduDesh is absolutely a non-profitable organization.

It is, and will always be, free for learning and teaching resources.

So feel free to browse and develop your knowledge.

Link to EduDesh

If you think EduDesh is helpfull for learning and want your students or visitors to discover EduDesh, please add a link.

To add a link please, insert the following code on your website.

<a href="https://en.edudesh.com/">edudesh.com</a>