Solid Geometry

By the end of this lesson, you will be able to

  • define a solid object.
  • describe solid object.
  • explain solid geometry.
  • identify different types of solid objects.
  • define geometrical dimension.
  • interpret surface of solid objects.
  • form a solid object from the origin.

Solid object

Three dimensional objects are solid objects. And any object in three dimensions is called solid object. If it needs the three dimensions to figure out the relative position of an onject, it is called 3-dimensional object. Three dimensions mean the length, breadth and height of an object.

A solid object showing its faces, edges and vertices.

Solid geometry deals with 3 dimensional shapes and figures in 3 dimensional space.

It is the traditional name of 3 dimensional geometry in Euclidean space.

A solid has length, width and height or depth. So, a solid is of 3 dimensions.

Solid geometry includes all 3d shapes names and pictures.

Pay a close attention! Stereometry is a branch of geometry, correlated to solid geometry. It deals with the measurement of volume of solid figures.

Therefore, solid geometry mainly discusses the measurements of volume of solid shapes and 3d shapes properties.

Cubiod, cube, cone, cylinder, prism, pyramid, for example, all are 3 dimensional figures can be formed in 3 dimensional space.

Are you interested in playing with 3d shapes names and pictures or love to finding out 3d shapes properties?

If so, go ahead.

At first, you need to have a clear concept of geometric dimensions.

Formation of solid

Point Points make line Lines make plane L H W Planes make solid

In the first figure, it is seen a green colored fixed point in the first figure. A point is just a position. It has no length or width. So, it has no dimension. Therefore, points are the part of dimensionless geometry.

In the second figure, a set of continuous points adds up to a line. It has only length (breadthless length). And adding more continuous points makes the line longer.

In the third figure, arranging a set of lines one after another makes a plane. Adding up more lines extends the plane infinitely far. A plane has lenght and width. Thus a plane is of two dimension. Plane is discussed in 2-dimensional geometry.

And lastly, six planes obtained from the third figure make a cuboid or solid. Cuboid is one of the 3d shapes names and pictures. It has length, width and height. So a solid is 3 dimensional figure.

A list of 3d shapes names are shown below.


Polyhedron is a solid shape in elementary geometry. A polyhedron must have flat polygonal faces. Its edges are straight. And its vertices or corners are sharp.

Thus a solid is said to be polyhedron consists of flat polygonal faces, straight edges and sharp vertices.

So, a polyhedron is also one of the 3d shapes names and pictures in 3 dimensional space.

3d shapes names and pictures

Solid geometrical objects





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