EduDesh Privacy Policy

By the end of this reading, you will be able to describe

Terms and conditions to link to EduDesh.

EduDesh copyright law.

How to use EduDesh resources in the classrooms.

EduDesh content guaranty.

Linking to EduDesh

All Web sites are allowed to have a link to any of the content, image, video, presentation, page on EduDesh.

But the referring sites are not allowed to get embedded any page from EduDesh in a frame without the written permission of EduDesh.

Linked to Other Sites

EduDesh can have links to other sites.

But EduDesh is not responsible for any content image, video, or any unexpected data that appears on these linked sites.

EduDesh Copyright Law

All presentations, videos, images, contents, graphics, pages used on this Web site are the property of EduDesh.

So any content from EduDesh must not be reproduced or redistributed in any form or shape in any way.

EduDesh in Classrooms

Copying presentations, videos and examples in teaching and research for a non-profitable organization is allowed.

Copying a little bit of any content for sake of making appropriate lessons for classroom teaching is also permitted.

But copying any content for any profitable organization or any commercial use is strictly prohibited.


While browsing the site does not mean EduDesh is giving any warranty or guaranty. EduDesh reserves right to remove or change any content.

There is no guaranty that browsing the Web site shall not be subject to interruptions.

Any type of risk associated to browsing the Web site is borne entirely by the user.