Digital Bangladesh Composition - Vision 2021 Essay

By the end of this lesson, you will be able to

(a) define digital bangladesh.

(b) describe vision 2021.

(c) identify the first priority sectors of Bangladesh to be digitalized.

(d) describe e-governance and e-commerce in Bangladesh.

(e) analyze how Bangladesh government design a model to implement digitalization in every sector.

Digital Bangladesh

Digitalization is the application of digital technologies in various sectors by implementing a large number of projects that make sure to bring peace, prosperity and dignity for the nation. Digitalization is the process of ensuring e-governance and e-commerce through technologies in every sphere of life. It also includes increasing literacy rate and decreasing death rate, making sure high life expectancy and pollution free clean environment.

Digital Bangladesh is a buzzword to the people of all classes. All economically rich and industrially developed countries are fully developed through digitalization process. They have made everything online. It is one of the nation’s dreams. Our present prime minister, Sheikh Hasina declared in 2008 to make Bangladesh as a digital bangladesh by 2021. The title of the concept is ‘Vision 2021’ means Bangladesh will be digitalized by the next decade. It named as Digital Bangladesh mainly for improvement of information and communication technology. We can express in one sentence is that it is a process of digitalizing everything in our national life. Digitalization make our daily works and activities, entertainment and lifestyle, communication and business transaction are easy and comfortable. All types of transaction like tax payment, salary payment and banking transaction should be online. Now, Bangladesh is dreaming with the aim of making nationwide digital. It is very easy to dream but to succeed is really very tough.

There are many benefits of digital Bangladesh. Our country is not so modern and most of the people of our country are also illiterate. In fact, after liberation period when we became independent, in that time Bangladesh was not so modern and a literate country. In the old era people wrote their letter on a piece of paper for sending to other. It took long time to reach the letter to its destination. During that time, people have no mobile, no computer, no laptop or any other technology-based devices. So, we can say people had only a pen and paper. They had no developed technology. Now people can easily send SMS or email to other within milli micro second by using internet. In this time, the percentage of literate people is increasing. Digitalization process helps them to improve their knowledge so firstly without doing any hard work. It is now so easy to gain knowledge for all classes of people. What we want to know, want to read, want to learn, want to see, want to hear all is available in internet, which is a gift of this era. So, the touch of digitalization process in education sector is amazing.

Medication is one of the five basic needs for human. This modern era gift us a new world in the field of medical treatment. If we tell about the development of medical science, it is to be believed that, in recent years, it will go faster. Once upon a time, we had no instruments by which we could define if any fungal or bacterial infection existed or not. We could not define any of diseases because of the lack of instruments. In very simple diseases such as viral flue, any water borne, air borne diseases, the patients died. But now, there is a huge changes in medical science. And all of the information of any of the patient is saved in the central computer of the hospital where they go for their treatment. The mortality rate is decreasing day by day due to implementing modern technologies in health sector in our digital Bangladesh. Not only that, but also a patient can be prescribed from a doctor paying their bills through the online banking system.

Ours is an agricultural-based country. About 80% population in our country are dependent on agriculture for their livelihood. Now, for the digital instrument they are using the mechanized method of cultivation. Now if we think about the communication system, “communication is civilization”. In past, the communication infrastructure was not so beautiful or so developed. People went to one place to other place on foot. But now, we can go to one place to other place by rickshaw, auto, car, cycle, motor-cycle, bus, mini bus, truck and by other vehicles or one country to another country by plain, ship etc. Now, it can be possible that we can start space research and try to go there such as moon. We expect that we will be able to go another space, for example, Mars in future.

Today people need not stand in queue to collect or buy tickets. We can now buy the ticket of some vehicles by using internet or online. We shop or buy different kinds of our needs of daily life. If internet is available, we shall be able to buy goods from home through online. We can buy native and foreign items by using credit card. We cannot think of publication of books today without the help of computer network. All the books, journals, magazines, we can now buy online paying the bills by credit card staying in our house. The initiatives of our prime minister are to think about metro-rail by which we can reach a place by short time. Internet has made it dynamic than before. Now all the task they complete by using internet. Even people do not need to have cash money with them when they journeyed here and there. They can take up the money from anywhere, anytime using their credit card in ATM booth. It a better option without risk than used in the past.

Computer network is now being used in publishing daily newspapers on a large scale. Now newspaper is being published in different regions of the country and very affordable to get the newspapers online. TV channels are available in internet now. If we miss any news, any serial, any drama or any fashion show, we can search them through internet and find them and then finally enjoy them with devices.

No nation can expect without a better security. And this security system is now monitoring in computer. And all the information of any customer in bank, buyer or seller in market, security guard in house and in any institution is monitoring by the computer. Also, one of the inventions of the technology is cc.tv camera which is being controlled by monitoring, which is possible by using internet. People didn’t know about any technological uses in past. For that reason, they face many problems. But now, most of the people know about any of technological usage and the world is very easier to them.

During the old era, parents are not ready to educate their children for their poverty. But nowadays they know that knowledge is power. Without knowledge no one can succeed in their life, no one can lead the nation directly or indirectly. Now female students are doing well in every field. They are now the helping hand to build up a nation. They attend various online job that is well-known as freelancing. In a family, now both of husband and wife are earning money and saving money for their children.

In the age of modern science, the electricity is another gift of technology. We have already passed 2G, 3G era. Now we are in a time of 4G network where the government, non-government or semi-government organization are performing their tasks by using digital technology. We are using these technologies to connect other in country or outside our country. We now use wi-fi and broad band network in a very cheap rate. So, in low cost, we get many things. It is one of the best initiatives of our prime minister, Sheikh Hasina and the literal class for technological development of Bangladesh.

For making digital Bangladesh, government has taken some initiatives about space research. Bangabandhu satellite is one of the wonders inventions of digital Bangladesh. By which any one of the TV channels will be available with the help of this satellite. One of the big chances is, this satellite can provide weather information and the all over situation of the sea. So, we do not need to depend on others to getting the information. This satellite informs us drastically. Bangladesh is now facing many problems like poverty, over population, unemployment, corruption, natural calamities, power crisis etc. We have to overcome this situation by digitizing our country.

As a consequence of digital Bangladesh, our government has recently decided to use Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) through the country to ensure free, fair and impartial election. It is also a process of digitalization.

Another severe problem in all government offices in our country is red tapism. It is bad practices in all government offices. It severely hampers the normal official process or country’s development. Our government has taken initiative to reduce this problem in a digitalized way. To monitor file activities all officers in government has opened E-nothi. All government offices have now E-nothi ID to send their necessary files electronically. They don’t need to bear the files in hands. This process reduces the time and effort and thereby save the money also.

Paying electricity and gas bill was a burden for the homeowners in our country a few days back. People have to wait in a line to pay their electricity and gas bills. This process wastes their valuable time. But now a day, they can pay their bills electronically in a very easier ways sitting in home without going to the bank or other offices. Some ways are bKash, mobile banking, U pay etc. are now available to pay these bills. This digital way reduces wastage of valuable time and make our life comfort.

Introducing E-tender is another sign of digital Bangladesh to solve severe problem involving tender in all offices in our country. It is a process of getting any work done by the third party of the office. But the problem is the manual process of it. Only one party will get the opportunity. Several parties want to get the work by hook or by crook and try to defeat opposition. Sometimes they do a clash or riot among themselves. This happens unrest in the society. Government has taken initiatives to solve this problem by applying lottery system electronically. To maintain a peaceful environment, government has opened this E-tender.

All government offices have their own website. People can visit anytime and get required information from their website without visiting their offices feasibly. In this way, they can save valuable time. Government is getting attention to the E-governance to show its activity electronically so that people can visit them anytime. People have the right to know government activities. Government is responsible to show its progress in front of people and the people can easily see the progress of the different sectors by visiting their respective websites using internet. This is the sign of digital Bangladesh.

The development of technology is a gift for us. Though technology has lot of benefits, it has few negative impacts. Cybercrime is increasing day by day. Many black hat hackers may try to attack secure website and can steal valuable information. It is the cause of severe image loss of the country. Fake people with fake account are getting cheat try to trap others intentionally. The government has to overcome this situation by applying internet security so that no one can damage the image of our country. So, to see our country a digital one, government’s commitment and people’s co-operation are urgently needed. Therefore, government as well as people need to change their mindset to make our country digital.