Paragraph on Cyclone Sidr in Bangladesh

Write a continuous paragraph by answering the following questions:

(a) What are the major natural calamities in Bangladesh?

(b) When does cyclone sidr occur?

(c) How does cyclone affect us?

(d) What can we help the distressed people?

Cyclone Sidr Hit Area in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is very much prone to natural calamities which hit Bangladesh almost every year and the day of a few years ago was no exception, the cyclone sidr hit the southern part of Bangladesh. The other day I visited my home district Borguna which was severely been affected by the recent cyclone Sidr. The cyclone Sidr, accompanied by tidal surge and flood destroyed human settlements and crops, trees and properties and caused deaths to thousands of humans and livestock. Those who survived the calamity are still suffering from the scarcity of food, potable water, sanitation, accommodation. Many various waterborne diseases and lack of proper treatment made their life more difficult. Crops in the field have totally been destroyed. Losing all, they have all gone broke. The government, local and internal organisations have already started their voluntary and humanitarian work and are distributing relief among the destitute. The situation will be more severe if we cannot run adequate post-cyclone rehabilitation programmes with enough medicine, food, farm-loan and all requisites and services. So we all should come forward to help the distressed people.

Word-note: calamity - disaster- দুর্যোগ, prone - inclined -ঝোঁক/প্রবণতাবিশিষ্ট , tidal surge - জলোচ্ছ্বাস, livestock -গবাদিপশু, settlements - বসতি, broke - নিঃস্ব, potable- drinkable পানীয়/ পানযোগ্য, humanitarian - জনকল্যাণমূলক। destitute - দুর্গত, post-cyclone - সাইক্লোন পরবর্তী, rehabilitation programmes - পুনর্বাসন কর্মসূচী।