Paragraph on Population Problem in Bangladesh

Write a continuous paragraph by answering the following questions:

(a) What is a population explosion?

(b) When does it occur?

(c) What are the causes of a population problem?

(d) What are the effects of it?

(e) What would be the measures and solutions you prefer to controll it?

Population Explosion in Bangladesh

When the population of a country grows faster than its capability to feed and provide other needs, it is called population problem or explosion. Bangladesh is one of the most densely populated countries and the problem is usually more severe in the rural and slum areas. According to the last census conducted in 2001 the total population of Bangladesh is 129.25 millions and the growth rate is 1.48. Population is at the same time an asset and a burden of a nation. If we can utilize the manpower, it will turn to our great asset, and if we fail utilize them they will be our great problem. Illiteracy, unawareness of the consequence of uncontrolled population growth, social prejudice, religious dogmatism etc. are the major causes of population explosion. Population explosion gives rise to unemployment, terrorism, social unrest, poverty many other types of socio-economic crises. To stop population explosion, we need to increase the rate of education, raise awareness, create more employment, remove religious dogmatism etc.

Word-note: give rise to - bring about/ cause- ঘটানো, census - survey - জরিপ, manpower - the power of man in work- জনশক্তি, dogmatism - গোঁড়ামী।