Paragraph on Sexual Orientation Discrimination

Write a continuous paragraph by answering the following questions:

(a) What do you mean by sexual orientation discrimination?

(b) Why do people discriminate between boys and girls?

(c) What are the major fields of gender discrimination that are conspicuous to you?

(d) What are the after-effects of gender inequality?

(e) What steps should be taken to eliminate sexual orientation discrimination from our society?

Gender Discrimination

Sexual orientation discrimination means disparity based on gender in different spheres. Many parents think that their sons can supplement their family income and support them in their old age. Since the parents nurture a misconception as regards their female children, gender discrimination begins at birth and it goes on throughout the rest of their lives. People make inequality between the male and female with regard to food, education, decision making etc. The women of our country don't even have any right to make decisions regarding marriage or having children. These disparities leave long-term impact on their body, mind and social status. As a result, they suffer from malnutrition, anemia and inferiority complex. They develop a sense of self-effacement and self-denial. This is very detrimental to the flourish of a nation. So anyhow we have to stop it if we want to get a developed nation. In order to eliminate sexual orientation discrimination we need to raise mass awareness. We also have to uproot social strictures, religious misinterpretation, dogmatism, and to change our attitude towards the girls.

Word-note: disparity- discrimination (বৈষম্য); sphere -field(ক্ষেত্র); supplement -add to (যুক্ত/বৃদ্ধি করা); nurture- foster(লালন/পোষণ করা); misconception- misunderstanding (ভ্রান্ত ধারণা); as regards- in respect of (বিষয় সম্পর্কে); throughout- all through (ব্যাপি); the rest- remainder (অবশিষ্ট); with regard to- in respect of (বিষয়ে/সম্পর্কে); long-term- lasting (দীর্ঘ মেয়াদি); impact- influence(প্রভাব); status- position (মর্যাদা); malnutrition- undernourishment (অপুষ্টি); anaemia- deficiency of red blood cells (রক্ত স্বল্পতা); inferiority complex- feeling of inferiority (হীনমন্যতা); develop- grow (গড়ে তোলা); self-effacement- sense of self-obliteration (আত্নবিলোপন); self-denial- sense of self-renunciation (আত্নবলিদান); detrimental- harmful (ক্ষতিকর); flourish- grow(বিকশিত করা); eliminate -eradicate (দূর করা); raise- create (সৃষ্টি করা); mass awareness- mass consciousness(গণসচেতনতা); uproot- deracinate/eradicate (নির্মূল করা); social strictures- social restriction (সামাজিক বিধিনিষেধ/নিয়ন্ত্রণ); misinterpretation- misapprehension (অপব্যাখ্যা); dogmatism- obstinacy (গোঁড়ামী)।