Short Paragraph on Environment Pollution

Write a continuous short paragraph on pollution by answering the following questions:

(a) What do you mean by the environment?

(b) What are the main elements of the environment?

(c) What are the main causes and effects of pollution?

(d) How are these elements polluted?

(e) What are the effects of environmental pollution?

(f) What should be the solution of environmental pollution?

Environmental Pollution

The natural world consisting of land, air, water, natural forces and conditions, animals and plants is known as the environment. Different types of unscrupulous misdeeds of human beings often defile the the environment. Air is mainly polluted by smoke produced while cooking food, melting tar and pitch, burning fossil fuel in engines, vehicles and power houses. Water gets contaminated by the disposal of different toxic and waste materials into water. Noise pollution is caused by vehicle horns, indiscriminate use of loud speakers and microphones. Odour pollution happens due to dumped or untreated carcass, rotten vegetables and human waste. Any types of environmental pollution has dire consequences. Air pollution, for example, causes pneumonia, bronchitis and other respiratory complaints. Water pollution causes water-borne maladies such as cholera and diarrhoea. Noise pollution may damage our hearing and cause hypertension and high blood pressure while odour pollution causes serious discomfort to our olfactory organs and attracts disease bearing insects and animals. These are the harmful consequences of pollution. Different media like electronic media and print medea can have speech on environmental pollution as the solution of environment pollution. So we need concerted efforts and mass awareness to stop environment pollution.

Word-note: unscrupulous- unprincipled(নীতিহীণ/বিবেকবর্জিত); misdeed- offence(দুষ্কর্ম); defile- pollute(দুষিত করা); fossil fuel- fuel from mine(জীবাষ্ম জালানী); contaminated- polluted (দুষিত); disposal- removal(অপসারণ); toxic- poisonous (বিষাক্ত); indiscriminate- random(যত্রতত্র/নির্বিচার); dumped- discarded/thrown(নিক্ষিপ্ত); carcass- corpse/ dead body(মৃতদেহ); dire- terrible(ভয়ংকর); consequence- result(পরিণতি); respiratory complaint - problems related to respiration(শ্বাসের সমস্যা); waterborne- carried by water(পানিবাহিত); malady- disease(রোগ); olfactory organ - organ of smell(ঘ্রাণেন্দ্রিয়); concerted efforts- united efforts (ঐক্যবদ্ধ প্রচেষ্টা)।