Digital Bangladesh Paragraph - Vision 2021

Write a continuous paragraph by answering the following questions:

(a) What is digital?

(b) What does digital Bangladesh include?

(c) What are the indicators of digital Bangladesh?

(d) How does the government implement various projects to make Bangladesh digital?

(e) How will be the environment of digitized Bangladesh?

Digital Bangladesh

The word ‘digital’ is a derivative of ‘digit’ which means any of the numbers ranging from 0 to 9. Digital means: using a system of receiving and sending information as a series of the numbers one and zero and it implies to computer technology as computers use binary digit. In a narrow sense, digital Bangladesh means the Bangladesh in which there will be large use of digital technology or IT based on computers. But in a broader sense, digital Bangladesh means the Bangladesh in which there will be broad use of modern science and technology, realistic and productive approach to addressing problems in every sphere of the state with accuracy, perfection, nimbleness, honesty, sincerity and dexterity. The philosophy of digital Bangladesh also refers to ensuring people’s democratic and constitutional rights, human rights and basic needs, transparency, accountability, establishing justice, delivery of government services in each door through maximum use of technology. It also relates to implementing our promises in the field of education, health, job, poverty reduction, justice, etc. as efficiently and fast as of digital technology. Digital Bangladesh, as a matter of fact, means to change our attitude and thinking from the superstitious and retrogressive one to progressive one, and to adopt innovative ideas for a better and brighter tomorrow. In the backdrop of changed global circumstances, we have got to change, adapt and upgrade our strategy as well. So in keeping with the advanced world, we have to ensure the application of latest scientific and computer based digital technology in every field. To make this vision of Digital Bangladesh a success, we must involve every person of the nation in this process in a holistic way.

Word-note: imply– mean/entail/indicate; address– set in order, solve; nimbleness– quickness, dexterity – deftness/adroitness/skill; transparency– clearness; accountability– responsibility/ answerability/liability; implement – carry out; superstitious – irrational, retrogressive - backward; innovative– inventive/pioneering/ground-breaking; backdrop - background; in keeping with– in line with; holistic– complete.