Paragraph on Natural Calamities in Bangladesh

Write a continuous paragraph by answering the following questions:

(a) What are the major natural calamities in Bangladesh?

(b) When do they occur?

(c) How do they affect us?

(d) What can we do to minimize losses?

Natural Calamities in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is very much prone to natural calamities. Every year a good number of natural calamities such as cyclone, flood, drought, earthquake etc. hit Bangladesh rendering thousands of people marooned. Cyclones and floods are the two more frequent than any other calamity. Cyclones usually occur in Bangladesh in summer and floods in the monsoon. Both cyclones and floods wreck massive havoc in the sea line and offshore areas and as well as the low lying areas because both the calamities need water source to form. They destroy human settlements and crops, trees and properties and cause deaths to humans and livestock. Those who survive the disasters, suffer from the scarcity of food, potable water, sanitation, accommodation etc. Many waterborne diseases and lack of proper treatment make their life more difficult. As man has no hand over natural calamities, what he can do is to minimize the losses. We need to develop our forecasting system so that people can take optimum measures to minimize losses, to raise mass awareness and take massive post-calamity rehabilitation programmes.

Word-note: calamity - disaster-দুর্যোগ, prone - inclined -ঝোঁক/প্রবণতাবিশিষ্ট, marooned - আটকে-পড়া/ ঘরছাড়া; the monsoon-বর্ষাকাল; human settlements – মানব বসতি; waterborne - পানিবাহিত; massive - ব্যাপক, optimum - most favourable/ best possible (সবথেকে অনুকূল), post calamity - দুর্যোগ পরবর্তী, rehabilitation programmes - পুনর্বাসন কর্মসূচী।