Paragraph on Drug Addiction & Abuse

Write a continuous paragraph by answering the following questions:

(a) What do you mean by drug addiction?

(b) What are the drugs that the addicts usually take?

(c) What are reasons for drug addiction?

(d) What are the effects and aftermath of drug abuse?

(e) What should we do to stop it?

Drug Addiction

Inordinate and regular attraction for anything pernicious is addiction, and the addiction for addictive drugs is called drug addiction. Patients usually take drugs to cure themselves from diseases but some drugs are now being used as narcotics. Phensidyl, heroine, yaba, cocaine, marijuana, opium, morphine etc, are some of the drugs taken by the drug addicts. There are many reasons behind drug addiction. Sometimes people take drugs to forget their frustration and to get relief of unbearable pain. Sometimes people take drugs just to get enjoyment. Taking drug out of curiosity is also a cause of drug addiction. The effects and aftermath of drug addiction is very dire and lethal. The sedative drugs cause inertia and narcosis. The addicts feel nausea and pain. Sometimes the nerve system breaks down and the addicts lose their appetite and physical strength. Their lungs and kidney may get damaged. They also suffer from many psychological problems. So considering all the negative effects we have to stop it by all means. We have to raise mass awareness against drug addiction and drug abuse at national and family level.

Word-note: Inordinate – excessive/ too much (অপরিমিত); pernicious – harmful/deadly (ক্ষতিকর/মারাত্নক); addictive – tending to cause addiction (মাদকপ্রবণ); narcotic – sedative (মাদক); narcosis – effects of narcotics (মাদকতা); aftermath – result/consequence (ফলাফল/পরিণতি); dire – terrible/dreadful (ভয়ঙ্কর); lethal – deadly (মারাত্নক/প্রাণঘাতি); sedative – narcotic (মাদক); inertia – inactivity (জড়তা, নিশ্চলতা), appetite - hunger (ক্ষুধা)।