Short Paragraph on Deforestation - Disadvantages & solutions

Write a continuous short paragraph on deforestation by answering the following questions:

(a) What do you mean by deforestation?

(b) How are trees helpful to us?

(c) What are the causes and effects of deforestation on environment?

(d) How can we stop deforestation?

Disadvantages of Deforestation

To cut down trees on a large scale resulting in the destruction of forests is deforestation. Trees not only maintain the ecological balance, but also let us live by providing us with oxygen and medicine, food and fuel, shelter and furniture, clothes and habitats, medicine and many other essentials. But these bona fide friends of animals are being cut down indiscriminately resulting in deforestation. There are lot of causes and effects of deforestation on environment. The greedy and unscrupulous people cut down trees for short term benefits such as wood, habitat and land but they do not consider its long term effects. Deforestation adversely affects the environment by causing ecological imbalance, greenhouse effect, desertification etc. Due to it, rainfall gets irregular, land loses fertility, temperature rises and eventually affects the entire environment. These are the disadvantages of deforestation. As deforestation solutions, we must make people aware of the dire consequences of deforestation. The indiscriminate cutting down of trees should be banned by enforcing laws. We have to do all to stop deforestation in order to ensure our peaceful existence on this mother earth.

Word-note: ecological balance= environmental equilibrium –(পরিবেশগত ভারসাম্য), habitat= home/ dwelling-place (বাসস্থান), essentials = requisites (অত্যাবশ্যকীয় জিনিসপত্র), maintain = sustain (বজায়/ধরে রাখা), bona fide = genuine (খাঁটি/প্রকৃত), indiscriminately – erratically/ at random (নির্বিচারে/লাগামহীনভাবে), on a large scale = enormously (ব্যাপকহারে), entire = whole (সমগ্র), dire = terrible(ভয়াবহ), so as to = to (জন্যে), survival = existence (অস্তিত্ব/টিকে থাকা)।