Paragraph on Unemployment Problem

Write a continuous paragraph by answering the following questions:

(a) What do you mean by unemployment problem?

(b) What are the causes of unemployment problem?

(c) What are the impacts of unemployment problem?

(d) How can we manage/ solve the unemployment problem?

Unemployment Problem

A situation in which a competent and willing person does not get a suitable employment is called unemployment. And when this situation persists for a long time is called unemployment problem. Recently Bangladesh has been fraught with this problem. Fewer employments compared to the growing mass of people, the lack of proper resource management, lack of vocational knowledge and training, slow industrial growth, poor and irresponsible political leadership, less investment in productive sectors, are some of the major reasons for unemployment problem in Bangladesh. Due to this problem the youth get frustrated, family peace breaks down, social unrest rises and the normal pace of social life goes out of order. As a remedy of it, we have to be self-motivated to create self-employments, to set up new mills and factories, to utilise our natural resources. In addition to this, we need more foreign investment to utilise prospective manpower. Above all, dynamic, responsible, efficient and pro-people political leadership is a must to remove it.

Word-note: competent -capable/proficient (যোগ্য); employment- কর্মসংস্থান, unemployment -joblessness (বেকারত্ব), unrest- instability (অস্থিরতা), remedy -প্রতিকার । fraught – full (পূর্ণ), persist – continue (একই অবস্থায় বিদ্যমান/ চলমান থাকা), growing – increasing/rising (বর্ধিষ্ণু/বর্ধনশীল), mass – crowd/group (গণ), self-motivated – energetic/dynamic (আত্নপ্রণোদিত/আত্ন উদ্বুদ্ধ), frustration – disappointment (হতাশা), remedy – cure (প্রতিকার), prospective – potential (সম্ভাবনাময়), dynamic –active/energetic (গতিশীল), pro-people- in favour of people (জনমুখী)।