Paragraph on Traffic Jam

Write a continuous paragraph by answering the following questions:

(a) What is a traffic jam?

(b) Where does it occur?

(c) What are the causes of a traffic jam?

(d) What are the effects of it?

(e) What would be the solutions you provide to controll it?

Traffic Jam

When the vehicles on a road cannot move due to the congestion of too many vehicles and come to a standstill is called a traffic jam. It occurs in the busy hours of the day. It is one of the major problems in the problem-tossed urban areas where it occurs very often. Narrow road, too many vehicles, indifference to traffic rules, poor traffic controlling system, frequent digging of city streets, slow moving vehicles, careless passers-by, public meetings on busy streets, street accidents, the motorcade of VIPs and their retinues etc. are some of the major causes of traffic jam All city dwellers, more or less, are affected by traffic jam. People cannot keep pace with their timings and appointments. Students and office-goers get late. Even ambulance and Fire Brigade vehicles hoot in vain. So it is a must to stop it at any cost. If roads are constructed more spaciously, traffic rules are strictly followed and people have respect for traffic rules, it can be reduced to a tolerable extent.

Word-note: congestion- overcrowding/jamming (ভিড়); standstill – halt/pause (নিশ্চলতা); problem-tossed - trouble-stricken – (সমস্যা জর্জিত); indifference – lack of interest (উদাসীনতা); motorcade – convoy (মোটর শোভাযাত্রা); retinue – entourage (সফরসঙ্গী); hoot – cry/ yell (চিৎকার করা); vain- ineffective (বৃথা/বিফল); to a tolerable extent –(সহনীয় মাত্রায়); at any cost- anyhow(যেভাবেই হোক); spacious- roomy (সুপরিসর); strictly- firmly (কঠোরভাবে)।